Within this interpretation of fashion as art, a fashion illustration drawn with a continuous line juxtaposed with photographic imagery emerges as a limited-edition work of art. The dichotomy of the artwork reveals that a well-dressed voyeur of an art exhibition, in turn, becomes the centre of the exhibit.


Artist Ruben Burgess Jr., aka SartorialNoLift, works with a precise, methodical, flow, allowing the movement of each hand-drawn line to encompass his artistry. In one continuous sweep, his medium of choice never leaves the paper until the drawing is complete. Read our chat with New York-based artist Ruben.


This limited-edition artwork: Exhibit, 2020, 11" x 15", ballpoint, ash, tattoo, ink, turmeric, coffee, wine, on watercolor paper, by Ruben Burgess Jr. is featured on our organic cotton t-shirt, aptly called Ruben.

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