Conscious: Creating a conscious journey towards a sustainable tomorrow, Eve & Max will fulfill its mission and vision through a sustainable business model that follows strategic environmental and social sustainability principles. Building a sustainable business model is the very DNA of why Eve & Max was founded.

Eve is the ideology and muse of the brand, the accountability for responsible and conscious actions to reach our sustainable goals—Eve, the mother of all living, nurturing over the process. Max serves as a reminder of the human connection to our earth, and that cohesively, capitalism, profit, public benefit and positive purpose can work together to create meaningful, sustainable change for our environment and for people.

Sustainability: As fashion consumers, do we understand the consequences of our constant consumerism and how it impacts our environment and our lifestyle? Eve & Max will journey through every facet of the supply chain to consider the best processes for sustainable product design and ethical and environmentally-friendly manufacturing. To support animal rights and welfare, to be mindful of water use and pollution, to provide equal opportunities for all, and to support the fashion industry with change against the devastating effects of global warming.

The primary goal, to establish the business with a B Corp certification, and to master strategic steps towards supporting three of the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals into the business model: #12 Responsible Consumption and Production, #14 Life Below Water and #15 Life on Land, all while acknowledging #13 Climate Action.

Materials Policy: Eve & Max is about making a change, to disrupt the status quo in the fashion industry, to transform the norm and initiate a seismic shift in our consumer behavior that will support a healthy planet and happy people. The design principles of Eve & Max stem from the idea to offer products that make a difference to the industry, and the consumer, that define a new business model and slow down the process of consumption. The cycle begins with the manufacturing of better fabrics, sourcing materials that are either naturally manufactured or sustainably certified with OEKO-TEX Standard 100, BLUESIGN, and GOTS. The design process begins with a Materials Policy that supports every sustainable goal.