A graduate of the London College of Fashion, British entrepreneur Max Trowbridge began her career as a fashion designer, working in London in the early ’90s. In a return to her roots, she founded the direct-to-consumer, ready-to-wear fashion label, Eve & Max, in 2020 as a way to positively address the environmental, social and economic issues faced by the global community today.

Eve & Max is a conscious fashion brand designing with the intention of an elevated client. With the belief that fashion should be ethical, artful and beautiful, the brand follows a quality-over-quantity approach to design. Our goal is to empower the client to disrupt the traditional shopping cycle and take a holistic approach to luxury fashion and wardrobe planning. Every Eve & Max collection is built of seasonless, investment-worthy wardrobe staples, intended to stand the test of time. Offering one collection a year, only available via pre-order through exclusive digital and in-person trunk shows. We aim to limit overproduction and the need for mass manufacturing, all while incorporating sustainable materials in our designs, supply chain and packaging as much as possible.

Existing at the intersection of contemporary art and fashion, Eve & Max features artistic collaborations as part of the inherent legacy of every collection. Our limited-edition pieces, designed cohesively with leading artists, reinforce our belief that fashion is a work of living art and expression and should be thoughtfully curated and acquired.

Transparency, humility and dialogue are at the core of Eve & Max. A firm believer that “no one can do everything, but everyone can do something,” we are passionate about sustainability and pursuing the ever-evolving journey toward building a sustainable clothing business. We hope Eve & Max serves as a platform for conscious conversations around the issues facing our environment. And we believe that together, we can engage in a socially conscious dialogue that ultimately changes the way we shop — and transforms our planet for the better.


We aim to provide women with a socially conscious fashion brand that crafts its designs from sustainable, and advanced technologies that respect the environment, employees and workers. Through our uniquely crafted, seasonless collections and contemporary art collaborations, we hope to inspire our clients, while building a platform for environmentally conscious conversations.

As a public benefit corporation, we are building a sustainable business model with a commitment to respect the complete fashion lifecycle. From the point of creativity to the end consumer product, we will strive to provide progressive and ethical management throughout the supply chain, we will respect our global environment, and nurture our team and business growth with positive empowering leadership.

Founded with a conscious ethos to reimagine the lifecycle of fashion, and to embark on a journey towards a sustainable, circular and socially-conscious business