Collection Twenty One: Maxine Morgan Trowbridge, founder, co-creative director and co-creative director Samudra Hartanto, collaborate with British artist Adam Ball for the debut of Collection Twenty One: Respair. A seasonless collection comprised of twenty styles, the collaboration was conceived before the arrival of COVID-19, yet creatively completed during the confinements of global detachment and isolation. Communicating between Paris, London and Dallas, the collection, a source of positivity for all during the lockdown, offered the chance for creativity while providing hope for brighter days ahead. Consciously designed for a sustainable future, Eve & Max's ethos is to build a better business through purpose, awareness, and socially conscious enlightenment.

Maxine Trowbridge: Founder, co-creative director

British entrepreneur Max Trowbridge began her career as a fashion designer in London in the early '90s, crossing career paths with Samudra Hartanto when they studied design at the London College of Fashion. Beginning her career as a designer working at Mansfield, an established British women's ready-to-wear luxury brand, Max learned early on about the mission of building a brand locally.

In over 20-years, Max has acquired a culmination of experience working within the luxury industries from fashion, digital, media, and the contemporary art world, leading marketing strategies and editorial communications to drive business revenues from startup to an established business. A board member and previous president of the board at Dallas Contemporary, Max also spent over 10-years in media, as the founder for online fashion magazine PinkMemo, editor- in-chief at PaperCity Magazine, editor at Du Jour Magazine, and beginning her media journey at Ocean Drive Magazine.

Returning to her roots, Max founded the direct-to-consumer, ready-to-wear brand, Eve & Max, in 2020 to positively address the environmental, social and economic issues faced by the global fashion community today.

Maxine Trowbridge Maxine Trowbridge, photo credit, Rachael Wise

Samudra Hartanto: Co-creative director

A life encapsulated in ready-to-wear and haute couture, Samudra Hartanto successfully launched his career post-graduation from the Royal College of Art with a MA in fashion womenswear with design roles at Norman Hartnell, Whistles and Amanda Wakely.

In 1997 Samudra secured a coveted position at Louis Vuitton, joining the ready-to-wear team as the women and accessories designer under the artistic debut of Marc Jacobs. During his tenure, Samudra learned the intricacies at Louis Vuitton of how accessories play an integral role with a luxury fashion brand. Six years later, Samudra moved to Hermès as a senior womenswear designer, working under Jean-Paul Gaultier's artistic direction, until Gaultier returned to his eponymous fashion house in 2010, taking Samudra with him. Craftsmanship and creativity are capital in the world of haute couture, and as senior designer, Samudra witnessed Mr. Gaultier elaborate his fantasies into a beautiful reality. Learning from a master of couture, Samudra designed 30 collections alongside Mr. Gaultier during his combined tenure at Hermès and Jean Paul Gaultier, understanding creativity in tailoring and dresses, and that beauty can be found everywhere.

Samudra HartantoSamudra Hartanto in Paris, photo credit Rainer Torrado