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Who is Eve? The Name Behind the Brand

Fashion, art, sustainability and philanthropy. The confluence of these pillars is where Eve & Max co-founder Max Trowbridge and co-creative director Samudra Hartanto connect to share their ethos of conscious designs for seasonless style. But you might wonder, who is Eve? The name — often said to mean "compassionate, protective and devoted" — is, in fact, the very essence of the brand. The concept of Eve is woven intricately throughout every piece in each collection, representing authenticity, intentionality and accountability as a conscious fashion label. We define Eve as our muse, a symbolic idea we can all acknowledge, imbue and respect.

We consider Eve to be nurturing, with a natural nod to a maternal strength. The name, Evelyn, was given to both of Max's grandmothers and given to Max as her middle name. Samudra's mother was also a nurturing presence in his life and influential in his fashion career, as he drew early inspiration from her fashion magazines and sense of style. With Eve & Max, Samudra and Max nurture their love for creativity and artistic expression while developing authentic client relationships, experiencing the journey of conscious consumerism and building a sustainable business model.

Our clients are Eve; you are our muse. Deep-thinkers, progressive nurturers, and passionate women who are consciously aware of the impact and legacy of your life choices. You're inspired by styles and silhouettes crafted for lasting beauty and quality. Because of this life appreciation, you believe in impactful dialogues, just as we do.

In our Conversations series, we share stories that inspire, admire and punctuate our mindset with mindful anecdotes from trailblazers, innovators and disruptors who embody the sentiments of Eve in their unique ways. Representing the best in their industries and deeply devoted to their personal and professional pursuits, these inspiring women respect the planet and strive to protect their environment. They care about their consumption, whether related to nutrition, media, finance, art or the clothes curated in their wardrobes. We hope you love their stories of translating passion into real actionable change.

Collectively, we are all Eve — women who understand that to create a beautiful life, we must first be beautiful human beings, beautiful souls. Contributing to life meaningfully and being conscious about consumerism is the root of intentionality to nurture our future. Like sustainability and philanthropy, conscious consumerism is a significant way to contribute to the betterment of our surroundings while supporting those we love and those we don't know. When we are intentional with our choices, a beautiful life can begin to take shape. Eve can be found within all of us as a source of accountability for owning our beliefs and as a muse for inspiring us to be authentic in everything we do.

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